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Roll Call
PLEIKU, SOUTH VIETNAM (January April 1962)

Sub-Unit #1, 1st Composite Radio Company, FMF, was the first Marine Corps unit to operate in South Vietnam. From January 2, 1962 to April 62 they worked with the 3rd RRU, Army Security Agency (ASA) unit in the Plieku area of South Vietnam. This company was the for-runner of the 1st Radio Battalion, which became a battalion in October 1964. Then Captain John "Jack" Hyatt became the Battalion Commander in early 1971 to July 1974

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Front Row: LCpl. James. J. Stevens, Cpl. David Franke*, Cpl. Wirtzer*, LCpl. William C. Wyatt Jr., LCpl. Ronald H. Steffee, PFC John K. Polzin, PFC Charles A. Boll, PFC Gary L. Haag, LCpl. Frank L. Ritchie, LCpl. Dick D. Santomeno, LCpl. David W. Kensington, and LCpl. Joseph C. Cirelli. 

Center Row: Cpl. Bob Davis*, SSgt. Leo Gagnon, SSgt. Floyd Clayton*, SSgt. John E. Maiden, MSgt. Charles H. Badger, 1st Lt. Michael F. Keane, Capt. John K. Hyatt Jr., GySgt. Everett Bechtel, SSgt. Scott Nicholl*, GySgt. Walter F. Hunter, MSgt. Bernard (Barney) J. Prosser, and Cpl Robert B. Cole.

Rear Row: Cpl. Art Monk*, Sgt. Bernard (Bernie) A. Shorkey, Sgt. William (Bill) A. Morgan, Sgt. Jack A(L?). Wagstaff, Sgt. Donald Luce, Sgt. William G. Loging, Cpl. Jack C. Sadler, Sgt. Anton (Tony) J. Cistaro, Sgt. Donald Brown*, Sgt. Robert E. Lane, LCpl. John T. Hogan Jr., LCpl. Leonard A. Maist, LCpl. Charles O. Price Jr., and Sgt. Al Smith*.

Not pictured, but noted on transfer order dated 6JAN62: Sgt. Ernest M. Brown Jr., Sgt. Merlyn L. Smith, Cpl. John S. McInnes, Cpl. Paul E. Munk Jr., Cpl. Louis A. Wintzer, LCpl. Paul J. Reilly, LCpl Walter Vanderhoof, Pvt. Jack S, Frederickson

* Pictured but not noted on above orders