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Rick Swan last modified: January 23, 2007
Personal Information:
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Login: rswan
First MI Last Name: Richard Swan
Nickname: Rick
Email: hidden@here.com
Address: hidden here
City: Palo Alto
State: California
ZIP: 94303
Country: United States
  Home: hidden here
  Office: hidden here
  Cell: hidden here
DOB: hidden here
Gender: Male
Marital Status: hidden here
Spouse/Significant Other: hidden here
Homepage: www.swanassoc.com
Occupation: Training
Company: SAP
Company Web Site: www.sap.com
Years in-out: 1967-1971
Vietnam in-out: 1969-1970
MOS-Language: 2571/2574-Spanish
Last Rank: USMC-SSgt
Profile: Profile
Source: Founder
MCCA Member:
Now Then
Conflicts I was awarded medals
War zone locations - year Other CT locations - year
  Vietnam: Dong Ha 1969
  Vietnam: Hill 37 1970
  United States: Camp Lejeune, NC 1968
  United States: Pensacola, FL 1968
  Cuba: Guantanamo 1970

USMC Travels:

San Diego, MCRD - 4/67 - 7/67
Camp Pendleton, ITR - 7/67
Pensacola, Company "K" - 8/67 - 4/68
Camp Lejeune (Geiger), 2d Radio Bn - 4/68-12/68
Monterey, DLIWC - 1/69 - 6/69
Dong Ha, RVN, 1st Radio Bn - 8/69 - 2/70
Hill 37/Danang, 1st Radio Bn - 2/70 - 7/70
Camp Lejeune (Geiger), 2d Radio Bn - 8/70-1/71
Guantanamo, MarSptBn - 1/71-4/71
Camp Lejeune (Geiger), 2d Radio Bn - 4/71-7/71

Personal Quote:

Find a way or make a way


SCUBA diving, sea kayaking, running, walking


I left my 15-year sales career shortly after my personal Welcome Home parade (Feb, '99) and completed a transition to the world of Training. Around 1988 I began to recognize that an ideal career for me should I never have to work for money would be teaching middle school kids how to solve puzzles. Not how to solve a particular puzzle, but how to think about solving puzzles when faced with them. Sounds like life, doesn't it? In the 4th career, started in 1999, I'm now teaching adults how to solve problems. Amazing.

I started this site for my 1st Radio Battalion band of brothers in 2003.

My other pics:

1st Radio Battalion Home
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