USMC, 1st Radio Battalion, Vietnam Veterans

Stories - Hill 327

Ed Lynch - March, 1967
Seems to me it  was on 327 that we had 'rat races'.  First you trapped the rats, around the head was the best location, then injected the critter with Aqua Velva, or similar liquid, twirled the trap around a bit to get him dizzy, squirted some lighter fluid on him, dumped him out, and put a match to him.  Whose ever went the most distance, won!!  I know they were a problem at every site I was--I have a fear of them to this day.  Remember when Miller had to go through the series of shots because he had gotten bit--it wasn't fun.

Donald (3D) Denton - For the Shock of Your Life, Try Stabbing Rats - December, 1968 
I recall that we used some of the same techniques as An Hoa to capture rats at Hill 327...with little success. The rats typically carried off the traps. So some of us took to throwing our bayonettes at the rats while they were inspecting the traps. Some of us had pretty decent aim. I remember pinning one to a stud...and putting the bayonette not only through the rat but into the armored cable behind the rat...which promptly gave me a shock when I went to pull the knife out of the rat.

Of course, after consuming quantitites of adult beverages, this sport became more exciting for everyone in the hooch!.