It's A Wrap! U.S. Revenue Stamps Used on Playing Cards


It was my original intent in late 2002, to acquire a few early U.S. playing card wrappers for my first philatelic exhibit, U.S. First Issue “Playing Cards” Revenue Stamps. I searched for wrappers and found quite a few of them in collectors’ hands. It became quite clear that acquiring one for myself was going to take time. In order to keep myself busy and also to understand what was available, I decided to write an article about revenue stamps that have been affixed to playing card wrappers.

I contacted both playing card and stamp collectors. Everyone I contacted was more than willing to assist me in my endeavor to put such an article together. (See my acknowledgements below for specific names.) They shared with me not only images of their wrappers but also knowledge about the cards, manufacturers, stamps, and, most importantly, information about other collectors. With the use of a scanner and a computer and the accumulation of over 20 different card wrappers, my article quickly turned into a manuscript, and, by the time I had finished it, it was a published book!


If a writer’s intent is to educate others, she must first educate herself. I was blessed with the help of many in the collecting fields of both playing cards and revenue stamps. In many cases, the contact involved simply one email or a phone call. I have come to realize and appreciate that the more people you know, the more you can learn. The following people willingly contributed to this publication. My many thanks go to (in alphabetical order): Brian Bleckwenn, Phil Bollhagen, Andrew Cooper, Tom Dawson, Michael Harold Goodall, Rich Lesnewski, Michael Mahler, Michael Morrissey, Martin Richardson, Edward Tricomi, Russell Umbraco, and Shaffique Verjee. Also, to my sister, Karin, a non-collector, who gave constant input so that this book might be enjoyed, and most importantly, understood by collector and non-collector. Finally, to Charlie Peterson and Jennifer Monges, whose English grammar far surpasses mine, for their final edits.

I do not want to give any one more credit than another since everyone’s contribution made for a better and more complete book. With that said, I must acknowledge Tom Dawson for his continuous support and wealth of knowledge that he shared unselfishly on a weekly basis from day one.

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