The Marine Corps Years
Rick Swan

Camp Geiger, Jacksonville, NC, 2n Radio Bn.
Mar 71 - 17 Jul 71 (a memorable date)
For the last time, I don't want to wash no stinking trucks!

 Marine Home Next Duty
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Memories from here:
Father Ralph Monk of the local Catholic church who turned us on to crisis counseling.

I learned even more the feeling of "short timer".  "Project Transition" sent me over to apprentice under the Camp Lejeune locksmith - it has helped two or three times in past 25+ years.

One of the top sergeants did his project transition by going to Hamburger U. with the intention to open a McDonalds' franchise.  He kept a diary of everything that he felt screwed by in the service in order that whenever he might later feel he should have stayed in the Marines, he could open the diary and remember why he got out!

That was and is not my own experience.  I'm very glad I joined the Marines.  And I'm very glad I got out.

Semper Fi!

People I have found:  None, yet

People I want to find:  Anyone who remembers me (and please don't take it personally that I forgot names here.)

Marine Home Next Duty