The Marine Corps Years
Rick Swan

Pensacola, Corry Field, Company "K"
Aug 67 - Apr 68

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Rifelman Rick Rifleman Rick.  We were issued rifles to be in an honor guard for some foreign official (Minister of Defense of Mexico?) at main NAS base (name?).  I recall the butt plate falling out of one of the rifles to left of me just as the Minister walked by.  He said we were "outstanding".  Ha! Click on the thumbnail and you'll likely recognize the Co. K barracks.
Company K Another shot of Co. K.
Robert Badgley Rick and Robert Badgley.  Bob was the line backer for our flag football team, plus a great human being.


My Dad got me here

In 1959 my Dad brought out a set of Navy 78 rpm records, "Learning Morse Code" and set in motion acing of the Morse code test in boot camp.  Unfortunately, I had also moved 21 times as a Air Force brat which made a very long background check before I could use Morse code in the field.

Memories from here:
A sports day where I won the five mile race around the base only because the guy who was faster than me could not get past when I slowed down to catch a breath while crossing over a creek holding onto a chain link fence and then he did not know  the finish line was after a dog-leg turn and he kept going straight!  Gotta' pay attention to details, Marine.

Two meritorious promotions (LCpl and Cpl) for being gung ho (teaching map orientation, taking USAFI courses, sports teams) and then class honor man.  I would never see 24 wpm again.

Playing flag football, which included a trip to Memphis to play in the 6th(?) Naval district championship.  Seems that Capt what's his name of Corry Field was bucking for Admiral.  Too bad we lost both our games; but we had a great time riding horses, etc.  I wonder if he got his promotion some other way.  BTW, who was the Marine that never rode horses because he was afraid he would fall off- and then fell off ?

Learned to SCUBA dive with 9 other Marines at local civilian dive shop.  After our qualification swim, the instructor said, "I've had many people pass this test.  They either have great style or are very strong.  You guys are very strong.  Also remember buddy breathing with all of us under water on one tank.  Whew!!

During "mids", spending the day with Joe Gagliano  (Memory jog:  Joe always talked about his cousin Phil Gagliano as the pro baseball player.) on very white beach wading, drinking beer and napping.  I came out of the water after he had fallen asleep and saw he was red as a beet; told him he best be turning over.  Three hours later his skin was shedding like a snake.  Remember that Gags?

People I have found:  Joe Gagliano, Johnny Jungkind, Robert Badgley

People I want to find:  Other touch football players, the big Black athlete who easily beat me in 220 yard dash.  Capt. Sepulveda (Lt. in charge of Company "K" in 1968, and was also a Capt. in 1971 at Camp Geiger.)

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